Timmer’s Travels: My favourite ag moment of 2018!

To celebrate Canada’s Ag Day, Cleanfarms asked Kim to share why she loves Canadian agriculture.

When someone finds out that I’ve worked in the agriculture sector for more than 10 years, I’m often asked what has kept me here so long. My immediate response: the people and the culture.

I was reminded of this last month as I was on a flight to the 2018 Ag Services Board (ASB) conference where we connect with the municipalities that help deliver the Cleanfarms empty container recycling program in Alberta.

Heavy fog above Grande Prairie was preventing us from landing and we were on our way back to Calgary. After the pilot delivered the rough news, I was approached by the keynote speaker at the ASB conference who thought I was an Ag fieldman. She was concerned she wouldn’t make it to the event and asked what AV might be available so that she could speak remotely.

While I didn’t have the answers, I was able to connect her with an Ag fieldman sitting a few rows back with lots experience with this annual event.

Within about 10 minutes (and without Wi-Fi), a ‘Plan B’ was hatched.

Why am I bringing up a story that took place many kilometres up in the air?

First of all, I was flattered that someone would think that I was an Ag fieldman!

But more importantly, it demonstrates just how solutions-focused the people who work in Canadian agriculture truly are. No matter where you are, what the problem is, there is a willingness to reach out, share knowledge and work together on a solution.

The same applies to the programs that Cleanfarms delivers. Recycling plastic containers isn’t always as easy as it might appear. Whether or not it is fluctuating plastic markets, new packaging coming onto the marketplace or an early winter, there is an open, capable and willing community around to help us deliver programs in communities across the country.

Wondering what happened in Grande Prairie? We made it there safely later that afternoon and the speaker, and the event, was great. So far, this is my favourite ag moment of 2018.


Kim Timmer is Cleanfarms’ manager of stakeholder relations. She represents the voice of our members and works collaboratively with all levels of government to help build strong and prosperous agricultural communities. You’ll often find her at industry events sharing tools and resources with those on the front lines of farming. 

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