Rolled grain bags will now be accepted, free of charge, at collection sites across the province.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your plastics are accepted and can be recycled:
  1. Shake
    Shake to remove as much debris as possible.
    Grain bags should be kept as clean as possible, with extra care taken to remove as much organic material (spoilage, dirt, etc.) before or during rolling. Excessively dirty or loose/unrolled bags may be rejected, subjected to a landfill tipping fee or subject to additional charges at drop off.
  2. Roll
    Roll grain bags and tie securely with twine. For information on rolling grain bags, contact your local collection site.*
  3. Return
    Return to your nearest collection site.
    Please contact a collection site before dropping off material.

*Starting in 2019, grain bag rollers should be available for use, free of charge, at most sites. Stay tuned for more details.