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I used to borrow a grain bag roller from my local collection site. Why has this changed?

With the pilots (which have now ended), grain bag rollers, which were owned by the pilot program operator, Simply Ag Solutions, were available at select collection sites.

Now that the program is transitioning to a permanent, industry-funded model, collection sites are now responsible for purchasing, insuring and maintaining their own equipment, like grain bag rollers.

As we are working with sites through this transition, we learned that some sites do not want this responsibility and/or would like to see how things work without a grain bag roller. In some cases, a collection site may prefer to work with another organization in the area (e.g. a watershed group or user group) to coordinate them.

Your collection site has the option of purchasing a grain bag roller, if this is the right solution for farmers in your area. Funding for grain bag rollers (provided to collection sites) is available through our 2019 collection site compensation model. The 2018 collection site compensation model does not include funding for grain bag rollers.


Why can’t I drop off my twine at a collection site?

Twine is not included in the permanent, industry-funded program that begins in 2018.

The transition from government-funded pilots to the (new) permanent, industry-funded model transfers financial responsibilities to industry, or businesses that supply material (i.e. grain bags) into the Saskatchewan market. At this time, the only materials covered by the program (according to the regulation) are grain bags.


There are some third-party service providers who offer on-farm rolling and/or pickup of grain bags. Are these services included in the Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) that is paid on grain bags?

These services, and any associated costs, are separate from the recycling costs that are included in the EHF. The EHF covers the cost to collect and recycle used grain bags once they have been dropped off at a centralized point or a collection depot/site.

Cleanfarms is not affiliated with these any of these firms.

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