Notable quotes from the Crop Production Show

Author: Kim Timmer, Cleanfarms’ Manager of Stakeholder Relations

I had the privilege of spending a few days at the Crop Production Show and it was a great way to start 2020.

Each year, the Cleanfarms team attends farm shows to connect with the many stakeholders who play a part in the success of our programs. The Crop Production Show gave me a chance to connect with our members, collection sites and farmers who rely on Cleanfarms programs to manage the different types of plastics that help bring inputs to farms and are essential tools in farm operations across Western Canada.

Despite the chilly weather in Saskatoon (-39.3 °C, only four degrees warmer than its record low of -43.3 °C), the show was well-attended and provided a format that sparked some really interesting conversations.

Words to live by

Here are two quotes that really stuck with me and will keep me motivated all year long.

“If I know it will be recycled, I’m willing to do more.”

Given the success of Cleanfarms grain bag recycling program (which in Saskatchewan, brought in over 2,200 tonnes via 35+ collection sites last year), it is no surprise that farmers are looking for options to recycle similar flexible films like silage bags.

In conversation with one couple about the intricacies of recycling silage film versus grain bags, we talked about how recycling silage film can be more complex because it is removed in smaller pieces and can be dirtier. I was inspired to learn that this family would be willing to take extra effort to clean, separate and store their silage bags if they knew that it could be recycled.

“My yard is a reflection of me.”

This gem came out of a discussion with a farmer about what motivates him to recycle and how we may be able to encourage greater participation. He was very clear: for him it’s not ad campaigns or regulations. What pushes him to take the extra step to properly prepare containers or grain bags for recycling is the fact that a neat and tidy yard reflects him and the care he puts into his crops.

Looking forward to meeting the challenges of 2020

I have no doubt that 2020 will bring a new set of challenges for our team and both the recycling and agricultural sectors that impact our work. Fortunately, the strong values within the farming community and desire to do what is right will help steady the waters.

As Cleanfarms’ Manager of Stakeholder Relations you’ll often find Kim at industry events sharing tools and resources with those on the front lines. She always welcomes a chance to meet with participants!

Cleanfarms, Canada’s leading agricultural stewardship organization, is best known for its empty container recycling program and unwanted pesticides and old livestock medications collection campaign. The organization is also involved in ag plastics recycling initiatives across the Prairies.

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