Connecting with Island Farmers

Winter is a busy time for Cleanfarms; even though the snow means that containers aren’t coming into our collection sites. This is the time of year when behind the scenes work is being finalized before seeding starts, a deadline determined by Mother Nature.

A lot of industry events take place in the first three months of the year and unfortunately Cleanfarms can’t make it to each and every one of them. This is one of the reason we support groups like the Atlantic Agri Business Council (AABC).

The AABC brings together ag-retailers throughout the Maritimes. It promotes collaboration and information sharing, two key ingredients in industry-wide initiatives like our collection programs.

AABC also helps us stay in touch with farmers and other stakeholders by attending grower events. We don’t just attend these events to hand out pencils and pamphlets, we want to hear directly from farmers on how we can improve our programs.

If you are involved in agriculture in Prince Edward Island, then you know Dave Thompson, who administers the AABC.

I often use Dave as a sounding board. He’ll use his network to get honest feedback and taps into his knowledge of program history to provide well rounded advice.

If you see Dave and the Cleanfarms banner at your local event, please share your ideas on how Cleanfarms can continue to make a difference on your farm and in your community. And of course, I’m always grateful to hear from you (my contact information is below).

Kim Timmer, Manager, Cleanfarms Stakeholder Relations OR 416 622 4460 x 2229

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