Sometimes the business of farming results in leftover, unwanted agricultural pesticides or outdated equine/livestock medications. And sometimes disposing of these materials safely is difficult. But for farmers living in or near many New Brunswick communities, they can take them to special collection events that Cleanfarms is holding at designated locations throughout the province from Monday, November 5 to Friday, November 16.

Cleanfarms is a Canadian non-profit organization that delivers recycling and disposal solutions that help farmers and their communities safely manage farm waste. Cleanfarms runs the unwanted pesticides and equine/livestock medications collection program in each province or region of the country every three years. There is no charge to farmers for using this Cleanfarms service to the agricultural community.

Collection events are scheduled at the following locations Nov. 5 – 16, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

Cleanfarms will accept materials at the events at no charge and will dispose of them safely and responsibly. Materials accepted in the Cleanfarms program include:

Containers of unwanted and old pesticides and livestock/equine medications recovered at a recent Cleanfarms collection event.

The program will not accept:

The program is funded by the crop protection industry and the Canadian Animal Health Institute and operated by Cleanfarms. An environmental stewardship organization, Cleanfarms works collaboratively with industry members, agricultural organizations and associations, and the government to ensure that Canadian farmers have opportunities to manage agricultural waste responsibly.  In 2015, the last time this program was offered in New Brunswick, Cleanfarms collected 15,019 kg. of unwanted pesticides and 330 kg of livestock and equine medications. After 2018, the program will return to New Brunswick in the fall of 2021.

Questions about whether a product fits the scope of acceptable materials in this collection can be directed to 877-622-4460 or email Cleanfarms at


Twitter:  Cleanfarms @cleanfarms

Twitter:  Canadian Animal Health Institute  @cahi_icsa

Margot BeverleyNovember 2, 2018