Cleanfarms is Collecting Unwanted Agricultural Pesticides and Old Livestock/Equine Medications in Prince Edward Island this Fall

Containers of unwanted pesticides and old livestock/equine medications recovered at a recent Cleanfarms collection event.

(ETOBICOKE, ON) – This fall, farmers in Prince Edward Island (PEI) can safely dispose of unwanted agricultural pesticides and old, obsolete livestock and equine medications through a Cleanfarms clean-up program.

Cleanfarms is operating the collection events at seven local ag retailer locations from November 2 to 13.

“We know farmers wait for this program to come back to their region. It’s their chance to take unused and unwanted ag pesticides and old, obsolete livestock and equine meds to collection sites for safe, environmentally responsible disposal. Through this program, we help farmers keep their farms clean and sustainable. And farmers can dispose of these materials at no cost to them,” said Cleanfarms Executive Director Barry Friesen.

The crop protection industry, in partnership with the Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI), covers the full cost of operating the program and disposing of the materials safely.

Since the program began, more than 3.4 million kg of unwanted pesticides and 47,800 kg of obsolete farm animal (cattle, horses, goats, poultry) health medications have been collected across the country.

This year’s PEI collection sites are (in alpha order):

BLOOMFIELD – McCain Fertilizer – 902-969-8100

CHARLOTTETOWN – Cavendish Agri Services – 902-566-5597

NEW PERTH – McCain Fertilizer – 902-969-8100

O’LEARY – Cavendish Agri Services – 902-859-2200

SUMMERSIDE – McCain Fertilizer – 902-969-8100

SUMMERSIDE/KENSINGTON – Cavendish Agri Services – 902-436-4884

TRAVELLER’S REST/SUMMERSIDE – PEI Agromart | Robinsons – 902-436-1600

Collection days are open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. Other details can be found on under “what to recycle & where”. This year, COVID precautions will be in place.

Materials accepted in the Cleanfarms program include:

  • old or unwanted agricultural pesticides (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label)
  • commercial pesticides for golf courses and industrial and commercial pest control products (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label)
  • medications that are used in rearing animals in an agricultural context or for equine use (identified with a DIN number, serial number or Pest Control Product number on the label)

The program does NOT accept:

  • fertilizer, diluted solution, large quantities of unopened product, and treated seed
  • needles/sharps, medicated feed, aerosol containers, premises disinfectants/sanitizers, veterinary clinic waste and medications, ear tags, and aerosols
  • any other household hazardous waste.

Cleanfarms rotates the program to regions across Canada every three years. After this year, collection will return to PEI in 2023.

Cleanfarms is a Canadian, non-profit, stewardship organization funded by the agricultural input, crop storage and animal health industries. It delivers recycling and disposal solutions for non-organic waste generated in farm operations. Other Cleanfarms programs collect empty plastic agricultural pesticide and fertilizer containers, grain bags and twine for recycling. Another program operating in eastern Canada collects seed and pesticide bags and in Quebec, fertilizer bags, for responsible disposal.

Cleanfarms works collaboratively with industry members, agricultural organizations and associations, and governments to ensure that Canadian farmers have opportunities to manage agricultural waste responsibly.

Questions about which products are accepted in this collection program can be directed to 877-622-4460 or email Cleanfarms at


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