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Compactor Presses Proving Useful to Manage On-farm Used Silage and Bale Wrap Plastics

Ag forward: Managing on-farm plastics – Newsletter, #6 Many beef and dairy producers in Alberta protect livestock feed by covering it with special plastic film widely used in agriculture today. Whether it’s silage bags or tubes, large tarps that cover the top of the silage piles, or plastic stretch film used to wrap hay bales, […]

Prince Edward Island Approves Cleanfarms’ EPR Product Stewardship Program

Continuing pesticide & fertilizer container plus seed & pesticide bags collections and adding fertilizer bags, bale and silage wrap and twine. On October 26, Prince Edward Island (PE) approved Cleanfarms’ Product Stewardship Program (PSP), which will ensure that PE farmers can keep more and more ag plastics out of landfill and recirculated into the economy. […]

Berry Global Collaborates to Increase Circularity for Agricultural Films

As a leader in the manufacturing of agricultural films, Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE: BERY) is collaborating with Cleanfarms and Poly-Ag Recycling on a closed-loop approach to advancing Canada’s circular economy. This Canada-based recycling initiative launched in early 2022 to recover used agricultural films, process recovered grain bag material, and produce new products with recycled […]

The Grain Exchange: Agricultural Plastics Recycling – A policy perspective

The agriculture sector is ahead of the curve when it comes to recycling industrial practices. Many products arrive on-farm in bulk without packaging or in reusable or recyclable packaging. “Farmers and the agricultural industry need to be congratulated for what they have already been doing” says Kim Timmer, manager of stakeholder relations with Cleanfarms, a […]

Grainews: Bag it up, ship it out, move on

The programs available to farmers to safely — and easily — dispose of ag waste with Cleanfarms Keeping a clean farmyard is an easy sell for most producers. Even if it’s something individual farmers may struggle with, it’s still a goal for most growers wishing to be good neighbours and set an example for their […]

Grainews: The dos (and one don’t) of on-farm ag waste management

Cleanfarms offers tips to manage plastics and other farm waste Most farmers today recognize the necessity of managing agricultural waste such as empty containers, bags and baler twine — they don’t want to throw it in a ditch to deal with later because that time may never come. On the other hand, it’s one of […]

Cleanfarms celebrates 4 years of agriculture recycling programs (CTV Regina)

 MILESTONE, SASK. Agriculture recycling has increased and expanded across Saskatchewan, as Cleanfarms celebrates four years of its grain bag collection program. Recycling collection sites are set up at 47 municipal landfills across the province, giving producers a place to take their used grain bags. “It eliminates the need for landfills for these products,” Barry Friesen, […]

Cleanfarms pointing to a sustainable future: managing on-farm used plastics

Like many sectors in the Canadian economy, in agriculture, efficient food production on the farm is possible, in part, because of the use of plastics. However, farmers, like other Canadians, are concerned about how to responsibly manage their used agricultural plastics when these materials are no longer needed on the farm… Author, Barry Friesen, P.Eng., […]