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2019 Saskatchewan Grain Bag Recycling Rate Already Surpasses 2018 by 25%

MOOSE JAW, SK – Halfway through 2019, and with one of the busiest periods of grain bag recycling still ahead, Saskatchewan farmers have already recycled 25% more grain bags in 2019 than they did in all of 2018, recycling program operator Cleanfarms announced today. Cleanfarms is a non-profit industry stewardship organization established 10 years ago […]

Quebec farms produce tonnes of unrecyclable plastic waste, study suggests (Montreal Gazette)

Article by Daniel Sucar in Montreal Gazette This article points out that there’s a high volume of ag plastic in province, but also that there are several solutions for diverting it from landfill. Included also: “Government regulation doesn’t have to be complicated,” CleanFarms general manager Barry Friesen said. “If you give the farmers the tools to […]