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‘Alberta Ag-Plastic. Recycle It!’ Gaining Ground Recovering Ag Plastics for Recycling

LETHBRIDGE, AB (March 28, 2023) – Farmers in Alberta use about 2,000 tonnes of grain bags and approximately 2,200* tonnes of plastic baler twine annually. These plastic tools are essential in today’s farming operations—grain bags to temporarily store harvested grains, and twine to bind crops for storage and transport. But managing these plastics after use […]

Cleanfarms announces new job position

Cleanfarms posted a job opportunity for a Special Projects Coordinator – Agricultural Plastics Recycling Programs. Interested applicants should apply by February 6, 2023,

Closed Loop-The Future for Agriculture Films Recycling

In early 2022, Berry Global began a collaboration with Cleanfarms and PolyAg Recycling in Canada to close the loop in the recovery of used agricultural films and grain bag material in order to create new products with recycled content. Source: Berry Global Read the article

“Moving toward a circular economy with agricultural recycling programs” featured in Globe & Mail’s Next Generation Farming Report

The Globe and Mail “Next Generation Farming Report” highlights Cleanfarms’ goal to keep plastics, like pesticide and fertilizer jugs, twine, bale and silage wrap, out of landfill and manage on-farm agricultural waste materials in the most sustainable way possible. Visit: Moving toward a circular economy with agricultural recycling programs

Canadian Farmers Edge 2021 Recycling Rate for Empty Ag Plastic Jugs to 77%

ETOBICOKE, ON (October 5, 2022) – Canadian farmers/producers continue to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring empty ag-product containers used for pesticides and fertilizers are returned for recycling. Cleanfarms, the national stewardship organization that develops and operates programs to help producers manage on-farm agricultural waste materials just released the recovery rates for 2021 for ag packaging […]