Developing an ag plastics recycling roadmap, 2018 – 2020

Manitoba Sustainable Development has asked Cleanfarms to conduct consultations to help the province evaluate transitioning the government-funded ag plastics pilot projects into a permanent, industry-funded stewardship program.

How are we tackling this project?

We are building a roadmap and taking measured steps to get there.

Let’s get started

Explore the options on the left hand side of this page. This information is intended to walk stakeholders through these measured steps and ensure stakeholders have the information needed so they can actively contribute to the consultation process.

Let’s talk

Stewardship is a conversation. Our team will be attending various events this fall, and in 2019, to ensure we are hearing from grower groups, users/farmers, industry, municipal partners and others who will be impacted by this work.


Manitoba Sustainable Development provided funding for this project.