Cleanfarms welcomes Anna Potapova as Senior Coordinator to help expand ag plastics recycling in Quebec

Cleanfarms is proud to welcome Anna Potapova to our team as Senior Coordinator for ag plastics recovery and recycling programming in Quebec. Trained as an agricultural economist and with a commitment to promoting sustainability in agriculture, Anna will provide support to expand a series of pilot programs in Quebec to recover and recycle waste materials from farms across the province.  She will provide support for existing programs and set up new pilots across the province over the months ahead.

She joins the team with over 10 years experience working in the province’s agricultural industry. Most recently, as Agricultural and Agri-Food Development Commissioner with the Regional County Municipality of Maskoutains, she worked closely with Cleanfarms to develop the pilot program to recover bale wrap, twine and netting from at three pilot sites. These operations are in progress now and yielding important insights for development of new pilots in more communities throughout Quebec.

“Managing plastic waste effectively is a priority and Quebec farmers across the province are embracing new opportunities to recover and recycle agricultural wastes through Cleanfarms programs,” said Barry Friesen, Cleanfarms Executive Director. “Anna brings a depth of expertise in agricultural program management in Quebec that will help bring recycling opportunities to many new communities so more materials can be managed safely and kept out of landfill.”

Working closely with Eastern Regional Manager Christine Lajeunesse, Anna will develop plans and work with regions, municipalities, retailers, distributors, recyclers and farmers to establish successful operations.  Her work will focus on strategic planning, budgeting, managing logistics, confirming end markets for recovered materials, working with community members and government representatives to guide the pilots through development to successful operation.

Anna can be reached 450-641-4948 |