Rocky View County collected more than 9,600 kilograms of obsolete pesticides

February 16, 2012 – Etobicoke, ON – Farmers in Rocky View County, Alta., turned in 9,635 kilograms of obsolete pesticides during a collection program last year.

“This program is a really important one,” says Barry Friesen, general manager of Cleanfarms, which partnered with Rocky View County to offer the program. “Farmers are always looking to make smart choices for their farms and for the environment. This program allows them to dispose of old or unwanted pesticides in an environmentally responsible way.”

The Rocky View County obsolete pesticide collection program was held at 12 locations over the course of the spring, summer and fall of 2011. Farmers were invited to drop off their unwanted pesticides at no cost.

“We are very happy with the partnership we formed with Cleanfarms,” says Joanne Walroth, solid waste and recycling officer for Rocky View County. “The partnership enables us to provide a safe and cost effective way for residents to recycle obsolete farm chemicals.”

The Cleanfarms obsolete pesticide collection program is a national, industry-led program that has collected more than 1.5 million kilograms of obsolete, commercial-grade pesticides since 1998. After collection, the pesticides are taken to a licensed disposal facility where they are disposed of through high temperature incineration.

“This was the second year in a row that Cleanfarms partnered with Rocky View County. This relationship continues to be a successful one – and one that benefits farmers, the community and the environment,” says Friesen.

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Prince Edward Island farmers turned in 27,320 kilograms of obsolete pesticides last year

February 15, 2012 – Etobicoke, ON – Prince Edward Island farmers lined up to return their unwanted or obsolete pesticides last year, turning in more than 27,000 kilograms of product.

“This number is significant,” says Barry Friesen, general manager of Cleanfarms. “The success of this collection just reaffirms the commitment of PEI farmers to environmental responsibility.”

The program was operated by Cleanfarms, a national industry-led agricultural waste management organization. Cleanfarms partnered with three agri-retailers – PEI Agromart, Cavendish Agri Services and McCain Produce – who collected the obsolete pesticides at their locations. The collection took place over a two-week period in November.

“Farmers want a safe and environmentally responsible way to dispose of their old or unwanted pesticides and this program gives them just that,” says Friesen.

Since 1998, Prince Edward Island farmers have returned more than 69,000 kilograms of obsolete pesticides. After collection, the pesticides are taken to a licensed waste management facility where they are safely disposed of.

“The program offered by Cleanfarms provides an environmentally sustainable way for PEI farmers to dispose of unused or out of date pesticides. PEI farmers value the service and have used it to dispose of thousands of kilograms of pesticides. This is an excellent tool that provides us with a practical way to manage pesticides on farm,” says John Jamieson, executive director, PEI Federation of Agriculture.

The obsolete pesticide collection program generally comes to the province every three years or so. Farmers should safely store their unwanted pesticides until they can properly dispose of them through the obsolete pesticide collection program.

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