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The Manitoba Ag Plastic Plan (MAPP)

Following the 2020/early 2021 consultations, the Manitoba Ag Plastic Plan (MAPP), which sets out a plan for transitioning the government-funded ag plastics pilot projects into a permanent, industry-funded stewardship program, has been approved by Manitoba Conservation and Climate. Plans to transition the pilots are now underway and the environmental handling fee (EHF) is in effect.

View the approved plan and approval letter.

Canadian farmers, our members and collection site partners work together to keep agricultural communities clean.

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By the numbers (since inception)


pesticide & fertilizer containers 23 litres and under


Non-deposit bulk pesticide and fertilizer containers

2,500,000 kg

Empty seed, pesticide and fertilizer bags, Eastern Canada (Quebec only)

3,900,000 kg

unwanted, old pesticides

58,000 kg

old livestock/equine medication

10,500,000 kg

grain bags, ag film and twine

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