“Our goal is to set a good example for our children and our community,” says Gordon. “We have a great system in place where we triple rinse our containers as we empty them and store them in recycling bins we built ourselves. We have made it convenient to recycle the containers, it prevents them from blowing around the yard, field, ditches and sloughs, and cluttering our farm. We take great pride in our grain production and the environment, and we try to do what’s right – the first time.”

Gordon and Juanita Hawkins have been operating a grain farm for over 40 years in Saskatchewan. They share a belief that farmers hold considerable power in shaping the future. Fuelled by their own commitment to the environment, the Hawkins have invested a lot of time into understanding what makes a recycling system effective. Drawing on their own experience, they say that Cleanfarms programs are just one part of the equation, and that the success of the industry’s environmental performance depends on what each grower is willing to do to keep their farm clean.

adminSeptember 19, 2017