Cleanfarms partners with ag-retailers and seed dealers to collect empty seed and pesticide bags from farmers in Eastern Canada.

**New for 2018**

  • Quebec farmers can return their empty fertilizer bags as well.
  • Micro-pilots are planned for the Moose Jaw area.

Farmer in the wheat field looking at combine harvester

This project is supported by Canadas leading seed companies and is available across Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. Contact your local seed retailer to learn more about disposal options in other areas.

When: May to October

Collection sites:

**As a courtesy to our collection sites, please contact a site before dropping off bags.**

Are you a collection site? Do you want to offer this program? Click here

Preperation steps:

1. Obtain a free plastic collection bag from your seed dealer or ag-retailer.

2. Ensure that seed or pesticide bags are completely empty.

3. Place small empty bags in the plastic collection bag and tie at the end.

Bulk bags need to be folded and neatly tied in bundles of six.

4. Return your full, tied bags to your collection site. Bags will be accepted free of charge and sent for safe disposal.

Find out more:

To join our mailing list or to volunteer as a collection site, please email or call us at 1-877-622-4460 ext. 2227.