Step 1 – Rinse

All containers should be triple rinsed or pressure rinsed before they are brought in for recycling to make sure the container is clean prior to entering the recycling process. If a container is too dirty when it’s brought to a site, it may be rejected.

To help clean the container, farmers can use a device called a chemical handler that pierces the bottom of the container and sends pressurized water up into the container to rinse the inside thoroughly. This device not only makes sure the container is clean but it also allows farmers to put any excess product back into their spray tanks.

For more detailed instructions, please see our standard operating procedure for rinsing containers.

Step 2 – Remove

The cap and booklet should be removed. The glued-on label can stay on the container. The paper booklet cannot be recycled through the same recycling process as the containers and the cap must be removed because it is made of a different type of plastic.

Metal handles commonly found on fertilizer pails should be removed.

Step 3 – Return

Farmers should return their containers to the closest drop-off location to be recycled.