Contractor information: empty non-deposit, bulk containers

Company: Access Distribution

To order or track a pickup request use the online dealer request system

  • First-time users, register here. Return-users can log in to request service.

Phone/email inquiries

What retailers need to know about non-deposit, bulk containers

  • When you have 25 non-deposits, order a pickup online. The service standard is 15 business days.
  • This service is for all bulk, single-use, one-way (non-deposit) pesticide containers from CleanFARMS members.
  • Looking for information about all bulk containers? Click here or review past retailer memos.

Important information for farmers

  • Ensure non-deposit bulk containers are empty and rinsed (when possible) and sealed with all caps and closures in place.
  • Small (<23L) containers should be taken to a municipal collection site.
  • Obsolete pesticides should be safely stored on-farm until the next obsolete pesticide collection comes to Northern Alberta (2016) and Southern Alberta (2018). More details are here.