Canada’s farmers are committed to protecting the environment for future generations.

Here is what some of Canada’s leading farmers have to say about their commitment to stewardship, the environment and their communities.

Bob Bartley

“We have to be more responsible about the choices we make and think about how our decisions impact our communities,” says Bob. “We strive to be stewards of the land and want society to look up to us for what we’re doing for the environment. I feel good knowing that the plastic I recycle doesn’t… View Article
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Gordon and Juanita Hawkins

“Our goal is to set a good example for our children and our community,” says Gordon. “We have a great system in place where we triple rinse our containers as we empty them and store them in recycling bins we built ourselves. We have made it convenient to recycle the containers, it prevents them from… View Article
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Cathy and Bill Vitucci

“Think of the generations to come,” says Cathy. “Being responsible about the way we run our operation and dispose of agricultural waste, is what farming is all about. Cleanfarms programs are a step in the right direction in doing what’s right for the environment and the health of our communities.” Bill and Cathy Vitucci operate… View Article
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Julie Simpson

“Cleanfarms makes it easy for every grower to do the right thing, so there’s no excuse for not bringing a seed bag or an empty jug to your local retailer or a collection site,” says Julie. “It’s worthwhile knowing that I’m doing the best I can to rid of products in the most environmentally friendly… View Article
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