First sellers are required to finance the cost of Saskatchewan’s grain bag recycling programming. Similar to other stewardship programs, this will be done through an Environmental Handling Fee (EHF).

Starting November 1, 2018, an EHF will be applied to each grain bag that a first seller sells or imports into Saskatchewan. This is not a refundable deposit.

The first seller will collect the EHF and remit it to Cleanfarms.

What is the EHF?

The 2018 EHF, which begins November 1, 2018, is $0.25 per kilogram.

How was this calculated?

Grain bags are sold in various sizes and weights. The EHF has been determined on a per kilogram basis.

Simply put, Cleanfarms has taken the total program costs and divided this by the estimated volume of grain bags sold into Saskatchewan.

To learn more about how the EHF is calculated, please consult the Product Stewardship Program.

How will a first seller remit this fee to Cleanfarms?

Remittance will take place quarterly.