I feel strongly about participating in CleanFARMS programs. I think the high level of participation in these programs shows farmers’ commitment to environmental stewardship.

– Murray Porteous, Ontario Farmer

We recycle empty pesticide containers through CleanFARMS’ programs, as part of our efforts to keep our farm safe and viable for future generations.

Agricultural waste programming
Since the program began in 2000, more than 100 million empty containers have been collected.
CleanFARMS collects and safely disposes of these obsolete or unwanted materials.
Starting in 2016, this program is offered in the Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec.
Taking Action
Bulk, non-deposit container pickups
Important information for Prairie retailers about bulk, non-deposit container pickups.
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This year CleanFARMS is partnering with ag-retailers and seed dealers in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes to offer farmers the opportunity to divert their empty seed and pesticide bags out of municipal landfills. Special thanks to our collection site partners for donating time and space to this important program.